Is Ric available for speaking engagements?
Yes, where he can fit it in he is open and supportive of sharing his experience and insights where its valuable. If he can he will try and line up business to coincide with the event so that his costs of flights and hotel are covered, but if resources are available to cover those costs then that is much appreciated.

Does Ric still do pro-bono help for aspiring inventors?
Ric has done pro-bono work on Fridays for many years but of late due to health limitations and project obligations he has used Friday’s mainly for covering a backlog of pro-bono and non-profit projects and work.
However, if you are really desperate for help, Ric’s assistant Lara may be able to help you with a referral to a patent attorney or with some advice so please email her at

To contact Ric
Email to Lara Alberd who is Ric’s PA at