Graduated Inventions
  • Uniloc (1992) - software activation and try and buy company that now licenses and manages an IP Portfolioof over 200 patents.
  • Haventec (2015) - true passwordless logon and serverless credit card number storage for merchants.
  • SuperKernal (2018) - an end to malware.

Nearing commercialisation
  • The ICE Project/ SuperKernal
  • Executable QR codes
  • Process blockchain
  • Supply chain blockchain

Non commercial projects in progress
  • Msgx
  • Shark mitigation project
  • Byron affordable housing project
  • The Pod project - to compete with AirBnB in Byron Bay.

In incubation
  • AusTether - a stable-coin/ crypto coin that allows users to use Australian Dollars with the same flexibility as cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin.
  • Inter chain blockchain messaging system
  • Industrial strength software only random number generator
  • LMD last mile delivery project aimed at Amazon, Alibaba or Australia Post.

In Gestation
  • Anti tailgating device

  • Logarex
  • Underground wireless power transmission

  • Email to Snail Mail gateway
  • Universal identity gateway
  • Flotties for ships