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Ric Richardson is an internationally recognised Australian inventor. He first came into global media recognition when Microsoft lost a $530m AUD jury verdict for patent infringement of his invention of software activation... the technology used by most big software companies to stop software piracy. Microsoft subsequently settled in 2013.
Ric continues his invention work in diverse fields from cyber security, ship design, shark mitigation, and blockchain to power generation and distribution.

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Ric Richardson is an Australian inventor recognised for his early invention of a form of Product activation used in anti-piracy. He is the inventor of record for a number of U.S. patents, including the Uniloc patent US5490216 and the Logarex patent 6400293. Richardson grew up in Sydney and currently resides in Byron Bay.

He founded Uniloc to commercialise his invention and in 2003 it became a licensing company that has sought to license some of the patents he is a named inventor of, from as early as 1992. The machine fingerprinting technology is used to stop copyright infringement. He is now an independent inventor, and is seeking to develop technologies including ship designs, shark warning systems and password replacement technology.

Media Resources
Excerpt for use in Media: Ric Richardson is an independent inventor best known for his high profile settlement in 2012 of a patent litigation case between Microsoft and the company he founded Uniloc. His invention of Software Activation is used around the world and is one of the primary techniques used by large companies to stop the piracy of their software.
Ric has since worked with large corporations on ship designs and co-founded the tech company with his good friend and partner Dr Tony Castagna. Haventec’s mission is to free corporations of the liability of passwords.
His latest two projects, the ICE company and BullionX are aimed at ending malware and bringing gold and physical money stability to cryptocurrencies.
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Mentions in the Media
Following are some of the highlights of mentions in the media regarding Ric and his projects:
Oct 2016 | Rics company Haventec gains traction Fin Review AFR
Jan 2010 | Australian Story Episode 1 - "The Big Deal"
Apr 2009 | Ric wins $388 million court case against Microsoft The Sydney Morning Herald
The original Uniloc patent by Ric can be viewed here.