Buddy Head Phone System

Ever wanted to share private conversations in busy or noisy situations all the while cutting out the background noise?

This is the design target of Ric’s little project called the Buddy Headphone System. Basically it comprises 2 or more connected headphones with built-in mic’s that automatically pair with each other. Photo coming soon.

The idea is to allow a group to enjoy a noisy situation such as a noisy restaurant, bar or party while easily enjoying each others conversation, if you are willing to put up with everyone wearing headphones!

The headphones are a comfortable over-the-ear-type design with full aircraft apron level noise suppression* and variable dials for both shared voice volume and exterior noise mix setting.

Without voice sharing the headsets are excellent standalone noise suppression headsets. The volume of shared voice is then set at the users comfort level. Each mic on each headset is designed to only deliver anything spoken directly into it and to suppress aurrounding noise.

A second dial allows a mix of outside noise and shared mic talk to be adjusted to the users liking. A setting of 1 will have only voice coming theough the headphones ear facing speakers and a setting of 10 allows outside noise and mic voice sound to come through the headphone speakers at the same volume.

Collaboration Opportunity
Shortly Ric will be looking for a business partner and funding to roll this project out possibly as a Guaranteed Kickstarter Project.

*Noise suppression level used by workers who have to work near or next to airplane engines at airport’s. Typically they are very good at noise suppression in an effort to help preserve the users hearing from damage.