Business Execution co-founder sought for Malware eradication project

Update: feb 2019 - position/ partnership filled.

Inventor Ric Richardson is looking for an experienced business execution professional to work with him as co-founder of the Malware eradication project currently named the ICE project.

See for details.

The wish-list for this person is:
  • Must have had a material role in the execution of an IPO or a trade sale in excess of $50mill USD in the field of Operating System licensing/ technology or key componentry.
  • Must be US based or happy to be based there for the remainder of the project.
  • A seed round will be conducted before onboard of the successful applicant.
  • Equity buy-in by the the co-founder is not a pre-requisite.
  • Prospective co-founder must be willing to sign a letter of intent to allow seed round investors to assess the cofounders credentials under NDA.
    • ie Your intent to join the project will remain confidential until you are happy to go public.
  • The development of a business plan and Round A financing will be the first milestone of work.
  • Must be happy to work with a propellerhead who lives in Australia.
  • If a person of this calibre is not found then a person like this will be sought as a board member or advisory board member to help guide the company.

Individuals with a subset of these criteria are most welcome to contact Ric for possible team consideration however, Ric has reserved the right to build the execution team as the prerogative of the successful co-founder.

VC or investment firms with suggestions are invited to submit their ideas for possible candidates with much gratitude.

Please direct your emails to