"As a CEO, I'm a really good Inventor :)"
This I learned after 12 years as CEO of Uniloc and trying to handle 50 employees and contractors at one stage. I'm just not cut out for the rough and tumble of hiring and firing and leading and cajoling...

When I first incorporated Uniloc in 1992 an opportunity came up to partner with a professional CEO, but my Dad insisted that someone else will never do as well with my business than me.

Then in 2003 when I met Craig Etchegoyen and he started to take over the reigns I realised that being a CEO was not my calling. When you see up close what a real professional does, the way they think, the power they bring to bare... I could see that there is no way I should be running things any more.

In fact, looking back I realised that the most fun I'd had at Uniloc was the first three months back in 92. From the moment I had an inkling that I could lock software to a specific Mac, to proving it, to writing the patent, getting the software coded and proudly watching it work in the first few demo's... from then on it was all basically me being out of my depth trying to be a CEO. sure it was exciting doing a deal with IBM and courting NewsCorp and dealing with big computer companies in the states like Dell, Toshiba, eMachines and all the big software publishers but I still felt like a duck out of water. Sure I can do it... but when you see someone who really knows what they are doing take over your project it just feels like you are getting in the way if I don't completely delegate the execution to the experts. Unfortunately, in this one small area of life my Dad was wrong... at least for me.