Connecting Rideshare drivers and their customers

Ridesharing is great when you are the only person in the street and your driver is the only car. But when there are dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people in the street with cars whizzing by, how can rideshare driver and customer connect without and endless chain of calls and SMS messages?

Solving this problem is the purpose of the Rideshare Flasher technology.

The “Rideshare Flasher" is a capability that is coded into a existing rideshare application such as Uber or GoCatch that tells the user to hold their phone up as a driver approaches so that they can easily see their phones flash light as it intermittently flashes to attract the attention of the approaching driver.

Amazingly, most smart phone flash lights are quite visible even in direct noonday sun so the technology works even in the busiest sunniest city street.

Most rideshare applications use a proximity calculation to warn the user that their driver is approaching their location s it is a relatively easy modification to the app to rideshare flash enable their application.