Novel technology for Rideshare service for sale - $75k to $330k

Inventor Ric Richardson and co-inventor and respected lawyer Jim Fitzsimons are selling an essential ridesharing technology for use by rideshare drivers and their customers.

Ridesharing is great when you are the only person in the street and your driver is the only car. But when there are dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people in the street with cars whizzing by, how can rideshare driver and customer connect without and endless chain of calls and SMS messages?

Solving this problem is the purpose of the Rideshare Flasher technology.

Full details of Rideshare Flasher technology is available here.

Here are some answers for those interested in purchasing the technology and patent:

  • Tell me about the patent and is it granted?
    • The technology is fairly new so the patent is in a very early stage of publishing. The patent is being targeted at an international PCT filing however there is still opportunity to do a simplified national phase for say the US and Australia only if you want to reduce costs.
    • The patent covers the process and use of a screen or a camera flash for the purposes of alerting a driver as they approach a user.
    • A component of the price range quoted is the amount of work the buyer requires before taking over assignment of the patent. For example if the buyer requires PCT examination and multi country filing before purchase then the asking price will be significantly more.
  • What is included in the price?
    • A demonstration app that runs on IOS is available.
    • Test result data from a number of beta users.
    • All development notes.
    • A simple business plan.
    • All right and ownership of the patent worldwide.
    • Negotiable ongoing support and consulting.