Inventor Ric Richardson

Inventor, known for inventing software activation used by the worlds biggest software companies.
He’s also invented password-less logon systems for banks and large corporations.

  • Uniloc (what started it all)
  • Password killer (now a major company)
  • Malware resistant operating system
  • Click once payment
  • Logarithmic compression
  • What I’m working on now | more...

Inventions for sale or license
  • Using motion to logon ($499k AUD)
  • Hardware grade random number generation (Licence from $15k AUD)
  • Local DNS to fight state sanctioned net disruption (from $15k)

Cofounder Opportunities
  • Crypto escrow service and digital Australian dollar blockchain (cofounder established)
  • Australian cofounder for Malware resistant OS tech (actively looking)

Investment Opportunities
  • BullionX gold blockchain (Investor swap out min $25-$100k)

For your business
  • On demand Invention (pay only if used)
  • Turn your killer process or tech into an IP asset (Ric can show you how)
  • Exec team IP training (your smarts are bankable)
  • Patent strategy consulting
  • Zoom workshops (max 10 per workshop, up to 3 hours, $100 per person)

Probono/ Inventor help
  • Innovation Pipeline video series and new book (coming soon)
  • Who Ric is helping now?

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