Last Mile Delivery project begins to take form

Recently a local entrepreneur “Chris Bird" and I have been working on how to use a shipping container as a local delivery hub for end users to use as a convenient drop off point for couriers. The results have been mixed but there is a silver lining. The exercise taught me to look at the project as more of an Uber/ AirBnB type opportunity and we may have come up with a solution.

At the moment Petrol stations are being pressed into service as delivery locations. It seems to work but is probably expensive and in the end, not sustainable. Taking that direction further I envisaged shipping containers with internal robotics delivering packages to customers as they approach the box… then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have half containers in the front yard of a neighbours place every second street."

Surprisingly this idea is not out of the question, but what we ended up working toward is even more convenient and doable. Standby.