Most Friday mornings Ric works with, or on, inventions or projects for other inventors needing help. For some time he would frequent a local cafe in Byron Bay and speak to inventors for from 20 minutes to an hour. Some of them would travel interstate to get his help such was the demand for advice.

As of 1st Aug 2019: Ric has a backlog of peoples work and is not taking on extra help at the moment.

People/ projects he currently working on are:
  • Frank Zazza’s advertising blockchain
  • Lucy Taylors game-a-fied treasure hunt project
  • Luke Hawes modified laptop stand
  • Jenniker Bagnall’s picture based login system

Unfortunately sometimes Ric cannot move fast enough to help some probono requests in a timely manner due to his "day job" obligations or health issues that pop up from time to time. Ric deeply regrets this when it happens. Please accept his apologies.

Click here to see a listing of some of the probono projects Ric has been working on with other inventors.

If your project is of a commercial nature and you wish to obtain Ric’s help professionally he is open to half day sessions face-to-face in Sydney or Byron Bay at $1500 AUD per session plus travel expenses if required.

In a typical session Ric could:
  • share patent, IP or litigation advice (he is not a lawyer so all advice is simply his experience and opinion);
  • Training on how to use patents and IP
  • Review of viability of an invention and patent strategy.
  • Very early stages of technology and product development from concept to patenting to prototype and business planning.