The Mission to End Malware: The ICE project

Inventor Ric Richardson is initiating a major project with the mission of bringing an end to Malware. After filing a patent for the technology and consulting with his core group of expert engineers Ric is now approaching reputable third party corroboration from Industry security bodies and leading white hat intrusion experts in Australia.

Details of the technique are published in a confidential white paper. A simplified version of the paper is available here for download.

The ICE technique involves hardening an operating system so that OS modules and applications only run in read-only memory and all data that needs to be writeable is run from writeable memory.

The OS will not run an executable from any memory area that is writeable so even if a hacker has root admin access they cannot load and run their malware.

The technique involves a hardened upgrade process that allows applications to be installed or upgraded with a minimal high security process.

The paper explaining the technology can be viewed here.

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