Using sound and vibration to diagnose anything

About two years ago Ric Richardson assisted a local entreprenuer and inventor with his invention of a system to use sensors to monitor and diagnose heavy equipment for operational irregularities. It was a fascinating approach.

Since that time Ric has been doing his own research into audio and inertial analysis of everything from his wifes Corolla, his truck, and his wifes washing machine.

Amazingly, while is incapable of fixing any of these things, he has been able to detect methodically when his truck needed a baring change, his wifes Corolla needed oil and a motor was deteriating in his wifes dryer.

The technique is still undergoing research and will be published as a white paper and patent in due course.

Looking forward Ric is now exploring an expansion of the idea to a website where people use their smartphones to contribute baseline inertial and acoustic samples from their cars, whitegoods and computers that over time can help anyone diagnose their devices problems with the simple use of their phone.

Want to collaborate?
Ric is looking for an iOS app developer with comprehensive accelerometer and audio analysis development skills.

Ric is also looking for a co-founder for a business based on the technology.
For more details please email