Ive just added some notes here for attendees to this years EIS to look up some of the resources I use or allude to in my talk this year.

  1. Firstly I talk about how all problem solving is "connecting the dots" but that innovation goes a bit further by connecting dots that are not obvous to everyday people. And invention even goes further by connecting dots that are so far appart or unobvious that people even in the same industry think of it as impossible or magic.
  2. I mention a tool Elon Musk uses called "first principles" which comes from physics thinking. The illustration I refer to is in the following video where Elon Explains how he uses the technique. https://youtu.be/NV3sBlRgzTI
  3. I also discuss Edison’s invention of the Phonograph. To see it working here is a video showing an actual device sild by Edisons company. https://youtu.be/_XSZ-U42vs4
  4. Summary of skills:
    1. Innovation: think using first principles. Dont just follow whats been done before "analogy".
    2. Invention: listen to you intuition. Follow vagueries that pop up. Dont be scared to look stupid. You only have to be right once to make it all worthwhile. Capture every unexplained intuition you have. Collaberation is an option but most invention is a solo act. Joining dots that are so far apart often takes longer to explain and communicate than to just test. Just dive in.
Hope this helps.