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I love hearing from people, so please email me at derek@sivers.org and introduce yourself.
Why? For two reasons:
  1. I love getting to know people around the world. (Many of my best friends and even great loves are people who I met when they emailed to introduce themselves.)
  2. Because I know a lot of people, I can help connect you with someone you should meet.
Yes it’s really me, and I reply to all.

Caveat (read first)

First please read my "frequently asked questions" page.
If that page didn’t answer your question, please search my site:
I don’t promote. I don’t invest. And I’m not taking on any new projects. But I love to be aware of what you’re doing, even though I can’t get involved or answer questions about it.
So really the main reason to contact me is to introduce yourself, which I hope you do.

My private email list

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I don’t check my social media DMs. So please just email me instead.