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Welcome to the official website for Inventor Ric Richardson. Ric is a serial inventor. He obtained international notoriety for his invention of Software Activation (see wikipedia) and settling a half billion dollar (AUD) litigation case with some of the worlds biggest software companies. His story can be watched in a popular Australian television series called “Australian Story”.

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Ric is an inventor. He does not run businesses. He has partners that he does that with. He is not an investor or a philanthropist. But he does help other inventors from time to time on Fridays. If you want big technical problems solved, or want to partner with him then he’s your man. Email his right hand Chris Bird at chris at r2labs.com he’ll get you connected.

About Ric

Ric is a serial inventor and business founder. You can see a list of some of his inventions here, a timeline of his life, mentions in the press, read about some of his patents and how to contact him. He is an inventor and not a philanthropist. He has also published a book about inventing which he uses himself as his invention procedure

Experiments in Title Asset NFTs and their legal ramifications
$15,000 AUD bounty for help with Samsung or other large phone maker expires Dec 1, 2021

Ric's business network is invited to help find a buyer for Ric's Action ID technology from one of the worlds phone manufacturers. The bounty will be paid upon the successful acceptance of an expression of interest from any significant multi-national phone manufacturing company. For details of the technology please follow this link and for information about the bounty please view this link.

Ric's book "The Innovation Pipeline" is available now from Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback formats.
First mover investment opportunities available
New Crypto Escrow Technology currently in closing stages of friends and family round of funding
Ric joins NSW Minister Dominello’s Identity Committee
Office For Innovation
Action ID uses physical movement of phone to log on
Smart links
The browser to end all browsers
Breakthrough with shark detection technology
Progress on collapsible Byron Pods


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