Are you a:
  • Corporate innovator needing to brainstorm your companies tech problems or IP?
  • An Exit Veteran who has successfully built and sold a business and looking for a new challenge?
  • A ground floor investor looking for high multiple returns?
  • An inventor looking for advice or help?
  • An event organiser looking for an interesting speaker?

Latest work/ inventions:
  • SuperKernel - ridding the world of mal and ransomware. Incorporation soon and US operations within sight.
  • Executable QR codes - the vision of QR codes finally fully realised. Prototype in progress.
  • Australian Fiat Blockchain - an ATM based physical/ digital machine that enables everyday digital trading, payment and transactions. No banks, minimal fees, no tracking, no ID’s and all the convenience of digital transactions.
  • Tailgater deterrent - a device for all of us that feel hassled by tailgaters. Virtual prototype on its way.

Companies founded by Ric:
  • Uniloc - a patent enforcement company today but originally the genesis of the try and buy phenomena.
  • Haventec - a mission to rid the world of passwords and ultimately to be the biggest sign on and private data management service in the universe.
  • BullionX - a Private bullion trading network taking blockchain to its maximum utility.
  • R2 Labs - Ric’s Personal incubation and project development company.
  • SuperKernal - A US based entity founded by Ric and a yet to be named business partner to rid the world of mal and ransomware.