Ric is an inventor but has been a CEO, musician, writer, entrepreneur, Australian Story guest, and journalist.

Ideator, learner, strategist, tinkerer, procrastinator and love having a go at long shot problems.

Sydney native, lived in Huntington Beach CA for over a decade and now live in Byron Bay, Australia with his Mrs. Happy grandfather to 4 boys, dad to his daughter and her dear hubby.
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Inventions that became companies
Uniloc the original software activation company with technology licensed by most of the worlds software publishers. Haventec the first and only true password-less logon/ authentication technology that utilises a powerful patented technology called distributed authentication. And Deadbolt, the first universal way to harden any operating system against downloading and running malware.

Inventions Ric is selling
Available for sale or license:
  • Action ID, a new approach to logging onto mobile phones that uses easy-to-remember non-screen-related hand held motions to identify yourself to your device. Of interest to phone manufacturers and OS makers as well as software developers.
  • Specialist hardware grade software only random number generator for strong authentication companies or gaming businesses.
  • DoS attack resistant DNS (Domain name service) for infrastructure and enterprise network resilience applications.


Anything You Want (2011)

40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur: my tales of starting, building, and selling CD Baby

Your Music and People(2020)

getting your work to the world by being creative, considerate, resourceful, and connected

Hell Yeah or No (2020)

thoughts around what’s worth doing, fixing faulty thinking, and getting things done

How to Live(2021)

radically different approaches to life, in succinct directives


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Entrepreneur lessons learned from starting, building, and selling CD Baby.
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February 2, 2021
Just added twelve new book notes to my site: https://sive.rs/book
December 7, 2020
Open-sourced all the code and contents of my sive.rs site: https://git.sr.ht/~sivers/sive.rs
November 24, 2020
The Art of Living with Less Stress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amS0u15AL14 - from https://sive.rs/relax
October 20, 2020
My limited-edition signed hardcover book "YOUR MUSIC AND PEOPLE" finally arrived from the printer today! Shipping next week. https://m.sive.rs/YMaP-4x.mp4 (All thanks to https://saeah.com/who produced it!)
October 16, 2020
"Your feelings are justified!" ← this is what everyone wants to hear
September 12, 2020
Real question: What’s the difference between feminism and anti-sexism?

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