It’s been a twisty twiny year. What for 2021? Predictions.

It’s been a twisty twiny year. What for 2021? Predictions.

Written December 2020

It's been a year of... let's be polite and say disruption. So whats next?

Here are some things to aim for this year. Even if one of them happens it will have been a good year for me but all the projects I talk about here are on the move.

  1. An end to ransomware being demonstrated and proven.
  2. A truly useable simple digital Australian dollar that is secure, safe, legal but free of any bank control or fees. And remains open source. The days of cash are set to return... only digitally. This is not tether. No questionable bank accounts or shady trust accounts. Just simple elegant digital cash.
  3. A self sovereign identity system for Australians up and working. Its your data. You should say who uses it and when.
  4. A new type of web browser that allows you to log on to any participating website securely and without a password and to pay without typing in your credit card details.
  5. And a long shot... database encryption with full record indexing. Wha? How?
  6. 2021 will be the year of the QR code. Pay parking, pay toll, swap contact info, order and pay for food at your table, pretty much anything... with a QR code.
  7. A massive breakthrough with non-realtime data compression. Full length 8k movies downloaded in seconds.
  8. Finally a reliable way to detect and track sharks even if they are in shore in whitewater and deter them when needed.

How about that for a bit more positive 2021!

Frankly if just one of these happened it would be a good year.