Clear Covid face mask
Clear Covid face mask

Clear Covid face mask

The Clear Covid face mask is designed to allow users to use their full face to communicate when talking even while protected with a mask.

It allows people to see what you are saying and overcomes one of the biggest barriers in interacting with others in the time of Covid, namely to share the emotions behind the words spoken with full facial expression.

The mask is especially helpful for in person shopkeepers and hospitality workers and the hard of hearing or deaf who rely on lip reading as a key element of in person communication.

Why it was made?
Who its for? Who can use it?
What is is it made of?
Design elements
Key features
Clear material
Redirection of incoming and outgoing breath
Comfortable attachment to face
Mask top air seal
Replaceable filter strips
Dishwasher safe
Break resistant
Questions and answers
Will it work with glasses?

Yes. I primary design feature is the air seal at the top of the mask to stop breath from coming up in front of the eyes and fogging a users glasses.

The design also allows full access to the crown of the nose so as not to interfere with normal glass wearing points of facial contact.

How much will it cost? Will it be expensive?

At this time we are targeting a sub $20 price point for the US and Australia, but in the worst case we will strive to keep the mask under $40 in initial markets if the project gets to roll out.

If I sneeze will the mask look disgusting?

In practise expectorant should appear as a mist or droplets of fluid that can be easily removed and cleaned

Will I get rash where the mask touches my face?
How does it secure to my head?
Is it completely airtight?
Is it N95 compliant?
Is it fog resistant ie will it fog up with my breath?
Will I feel constricted wearing it?
How heavy will it feel on my face?
Is it as safe as a normal cloth mask?
How do I wash it?
How much will the mask impede my breathing?
Can I run with the mask on?
Can I customise the mask to the shape of my face?
What expanded capabilities are you considering?
Invention backstory/ why Ric invented it
Planned improvements
Roll out
Work to be done/ help you can give active
Research how to do a 3d print or similar one time build of the mask without having to tool up a cast.
Is there a 3d printer plastic that is transparent/ semi transparent or similar that will allow is to test the form factor before manufacturing?
Is there such a thing as fog resistant plastic?
What plastics are clear and are dishwasher safe?
Could a face mask be made out of the same material as microwave to fridge safe plastic containers? And would their cloudy clear visibility work on a persons face? Full glass-like clarity would be ideal.
Interested parties
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